What is an eCurator?  

An eCurator is someone that creates an online store for friends, filled with products that they will enjoy because it reflects the interests of the group.  


What investment is required to become an eCurator?

Your investment is your time.  No money required.  Tuttle View manages all the product packaging and shipping.  It's always a good idea to have a few pieces of the product you want to demonstrate and share during your live events, but it is not a requirement. Discounts offers to eCurators as they reach different sales milestones.  


What is the difference between and eCurator and an eHostess?  

An eCurator is a sales entrepreneur, earning income/commission for sales. An eCurator operates a business with product selection, marketing their store to friends and leading online live sales events.

An eHostess earns product dollars for hosting an event featuring a theme and inviting friends to one event.  


What does my online store include?

The online store is a password-protected page within the Tuttle View site that you can share with your friends.  Your page includes up to 50 products you select from over 1000 items. It also includes a blog so you can write notes with friends and customers.   There's room for personal pictures and videos. And... a venue  to host a live interactive selling event.


How are my customers' shipments handled?

Tuttle View takes care of all shipments directly to your customer. Products are carefully wrapped and tagged with a gift card in the event that the purchase is being made for a gift.


How do I join the Tuttle View neighborhood?  

Complete the form and someone will reach out to you for registration details. 


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