From Corporate America to the American Dream?

So my story begins two years ago when I decided to leave corporate America; well truth be told, corporate America left me.  I had two options.  Either look for another corporate opportunity or pursue the dream I had had for thirty years to 'go out on my own'.  Have you ever heard those words before? They are usually a very familiar thread of words in larger companies as many employees dream of 'being their own boss' to get away from company politics.  And that's true.  There's something to be said for having a flexible schedule, drafting your own company mission and values.  There's something energizing about creating your own brand and turning your ideas into a strategy.  It's empowering and refreshing.  So after after a few interviews, turning down an opportunity and  an opportunity turning me down, I decided to dig in.

And besides, with thirty years of industry experience at many levels of management within a decent range of companies including public, family and private equity corporations, I should be adequately prepared for anything.  Right?  I had held roles that included everything from being a sales person on the selling floor, store manager, buyer, product marketing, product development, sales and even a CMO.  What could I possibly have not experienced that would catch me by surprise as I decide to pursue my dream and carve my path to earning millions?  

They say that 90% of small businesses fail.  But 'they' don't know me.  I have a solid idea that I have been flushing out in my head for years.  I have gained many many years of professional business experience and I'm ready.  

They say that before you start a business you should have minimum of two years living expenses in the bank, better yet, three.  But 'they' don't know me.  With all this experience, I won't need that much time.  I can get this concept going quickly.  I've worked with tight timelines for decades. I've worked with small budgets for years.  I've always delivered results. This is a great idea and I know what I want to do.  No problem.

Capital? Raising money will be easy because my idea is insightful and innovative.  Investors will jump at the idea of working with someone with such a great idea and many years of professional experience.  I have a terrific professional track record.  Why wouldn't they want to join me on my adventure?

Yes, this is for me.  I'm going for it!  

Well, that was two years ago and here we are today.  My journey continues to evolve.  As I look back, although nothing has been how I envisioned it would be, it has been an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience.  So I'd like to share that journey with you in the event that you also have that 'go out on my own' bug and could benefit from my journey thus far, and journey going forward.  Looking forward to sharing and paving paths together on our entrepreneurial journeys.



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