Flipped Bird founder Marci McDonald can be found with one of her biggest smiles pushing a long board skateboard along the sidewalk. She enjoys making up original games during mundane moments and often finds delight in spooking family, friend, and her team at the Flipped Bird nest. Her simple, happy and sometimes mischievous personal style along with a background of entrepreneurial pursuits and keen eye for definitive casual chic looks combined to create a fun, spirited accessories line that appeals to the independent free-thinkers of fashion. 

Flipped Bird products are made in the USA.  The company started with the products in Marci's home but as the business grew, they began to employ other women and mothers to help.  Today, everything is still the same.  The products are made in Arizona.  Flipped Bird has since partnered with Vintage Rose Wraps but continue to be committed to keep things handmade, local and by women.

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