Our pieces are made entirely by hand, one at a time, using the ancient art of sand casting: pouring a premium quality alloy of molten aluminum into sand molds, and then going through four levels of polishing.

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Boris Schimanski, a well-known German cartoon artist, was trying to keep his kids entertained while he was working. So he drew a castle on a piece of cardboard , cut it out and gave it to them to play. Once he was finished with his project, he noticed that they were still playing with the their creations. They used things around the house and yard to decorate it and played in a world they created. The children expanded the play to include friends. This is how Calafant was launched.

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Eangee was launched in 2003 when the Shay Elder was vacationing in the Philippines and discovered the gecko lamp that had been crafted by a creator there. After talking with the artist, he returned to the United States and opened a small store with friends and began featuring these hand-crafted lamps.

Eangee Home Design prides itself as being a company with a mission to provide eco-friendly, fair trade home goods.

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Flipped Bird founder, Marci McDonald, has been proud to launch a collection of  Arizona-made fun, spirited accessories that appeals to the independent free-thinkers of fashion.

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Glory Haus was launched by four friends from Marietta, Georgia in 2008.  Their mission is to transform a community that glorifies the Lord and changes lives through work, art and relationships.

Their decorative home products are designed with the hope that they will touch your heart, give hope and bring beauty to your home, office or anywhere else you reside.

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The Green Glass Company based in Wisconsin beautifully transforms bottles that would have normally gone to a landfill into richly colored ,and sometimes whimsical, beverageware. 

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Designed and printed in the USA, our products bring an everyday elegance and convenience to dining and serving. They feature a wide range of designs, from classic and vintage-inspired to colorful and quirky. There are even fun activity placemats for kids, sure to keep the entire family entertained!

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Heather Charlick, Island Cowgirl's founder, discovered her love for making jewelry while attending FIT.  Since then she has traveled the world and settled in Nashville where she designs, molds and creates her inspirational silver-plated jewelry. 

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Two brothers, Anthony and Richard, launched their product innovation company in 2003.  Their mission is to create high-quality kitchen products that introduce innovation and improved functionality to what many perceive as everyday items.

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At Look At Me Designs they design, create, and sell one-of- a-kind items. If you are looking for a unique accessory and want to make a statement, then they have something that will fit your individual style. When you wear one of their signature pieces you can be assured that no one else in the world will ever have the same item as you.

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Mark Edge began crafting jewelry in the seventh grade.  Today, his distinguished jewelry is handcrafted with a bevy of materials that are deftly transformed into timeless, yet distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Meadowbrooke Gourds was launched 20 years ago by Ben Bear.  This 'tinkerpreneur' as his wife lovingly calls him, found a new use for a field of dried gourds by turning them into beautiful decorative pieces for the home.  Today, Ben, his wife and  their three children all work in the business of growing, harvesting and painting gourds on their  200-acre Pennsylvania farm.

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Petal Lane designs and arranges timeless quotes and beautiful artwork to be printed and framed as uniquely functional art décor magnet boards.

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Primitives By Kathy is the #1 wholesaler of "present day primitives" to nationwide retail stores. With a focus on creative design, ahead-of-the-market product innovation, and international sourcing, the company currently offers over 5,000 unique home décor and gift items to more than 10,000 worldwide customers.

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Pursecase was launched by fashionistas Jenn Deese and Kellie Coughlin to be equally functional and stylish. When it came to protecting their phones - so central to their careers and lifestyles - compromise was the last thing they were looking to do. So they created a solution.

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Since 1981, Stephen Joseph has been dedicated to creating fun and unique gifts while delivering service to our customers which exceed their expectations!

Alexandra "Alix" Buckley started making fabric frames to earn a little extra Christmas money. Their popularity was undeniable. In the next year Alix left her job as a 3rd Grade teacher and launched Alexandra & Company, the first division of Stephen Joseph.

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Vintage Rose Wraps was launched by two sisters, Ginny and Kate.  They learned their value of entrepreneurialism from their grandmother who made bread and offered a first-of-its-kind delivery truck to her customers. Today, they love to bring their American made personal accessories and handbags to consumers across the country.  They most recently acquired Flipped Bird and welcomed them to the vintage Rose Wraps family. 

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Laura Shields, founder of Yes & Yes Jewelry found her passion in 2010 when she joined Technshop.  She was looking for exciting materials to repurpose and landed on a laser cutter and old books.  Since 2012, when she launched a Kickstarter for a laser cutter of her own, she has been creating jewelry out of unwanted books. She and her husband produce all  products in California.

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Joshua Lefkowitz created the Zinger after his daily routine of adding fruits and vegetables to water became a healthy experience he wanted to share with others.  He thought nothing was more enjoyable and refreshing than creating his own combination of ingredients without anything artificial.

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