Eangee Home Design prides itself as being a company with a mission to provide eco-friendly, fair trade home goods. They believe in fair trade practices which means that all members of the producer groups have access to a dignified working environment, living wages, healthcare, continuing education and quality housing. Eangee's products are eco-friendly being composed of renewable and/or recycled materials with food-based dyes and low-impact finishes. They strive to support artisans around the world and hope that consumers will feel good about their mission. Eangee was launched in 2003 when the owner was vacationing in the Philippines and discovered the gecko lamp that had been crafted by a creator there. After talking with the artist, he returned to the United States and opened a small store with friends and began featuring these hand-crafted lamps. In 2007, the owners of this small store recognized the potential to more broadly distribute this craft and transitioned their business to a wholesale focus. Today the company continues to evolve featuring fair trade products.

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