A hilarious board game for Wine Lovers, Mom and Other Shameless People

The game: Be the first to reach the elusive tasting room while participating in hilarious challenges, and reciting complete nonsense. The perfect combination of the classic board game and dirty charades.

based on the viral sensation "Chardonnay Go" where women search for the perfect glass of wine.

Chardonnay Go Board Game $34

Chardonnay Go Board Game $34

The Story Behind Chardonnay Go

Chardonnay Go began as a viral video in 2016. The One Funny Mother Founder pretended there was an app that would tell moms where to find a glass of wine around their neighborhood.

It was named 2016 Top 10 Facebook Live Viral Video and gained over 24 million views. One Funny Mother figured if women LOVED WINE this much they should make a board game out of it.

Chardonnay Go was born!