The Plan Toy story told by the founder.

Founder talks about the beauty of the Plan Toys drum

Watch this video to hear the found talk about Plan Toys.  For over 35 years, Plan Toys has been creating truly sustainable toys that are developed with child and environment in mind from beginning to end.  Using unwanted rubber trees that were grown for latex, these trees that would have been burned for new plantings, are recycled to to craft incredible toys that are designed with a child's sensory development needs in mind.  

PlanToys is a toy manufacturer located in Trang in the south of Thailand. It was founded in 1981 and makes its toys out of rubberwood, a sustainable by-product of the latexindustry's harvesting of trees used for natural rubber production once their productivity declines. Using the trees as a resource in this way for wooden toys made by PlanToys is considered environmentally responsible. Plan Toys also uses preservative-free rubberwood and non-formaldehyde glues, as well as recyclable packaging and water-based ink. Their products are marketed as "green," and are recognized as such by various buying guides endorsing green products for children

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