As a mom of a generation of kids who felt comfortable on a computer from the time they were toddlers, I often observed how the internet has played a significant role in their connecting with others.  As they grew up they often played games with virtual friends in a virtual world, or even invited 'real' friends to connect online to play in their created virtual worlds.  It has been fascinating to watch the internet bring people together.

I'm also a mom who thinks shopping is fun. I've always been a shopper, intrigued by the selection of products in neighborhood boutiques and how various items speak to different people.  I enjoy looking at how items are displayed to create a mood and tell a story.  Visiting a physical store or a fabulous boutique can inspire us in a way that the internet has not been able to replicate.

However, in today's busy world, most people have the mindset, "Why would I go to a store when I can buy it online?"  The internet certainly provides  convenience and efficiency, but the human connection is incomplete.  Afterall, it's discovering something new, sharing opinions with friends or getting inspired by a beautiful store display that complete the shopping experience.   


Tuttle View's eSocial Shopping Model = Virtual Shopping Events + Video Chats


So that's how the idea for Tuttle View was born. After many many years in the corporate world, I decided to dedicate time to a long-running idea that I could make the online shopping experience BETTER.  My vision is to bring the 'human connection' back to internet shopping so that we can experience the excitement of a girls' (or guys') day out with friends from around the country in the convenience of our own homes.  I'm proud to say that now, through Tuttle View's patent-pendng platform, my vision is a reality!  Tuttle View combines the virtual shopping experience with video to bring social connection to online shopping.

So why the name Tuttle View?

Tuttle View and the store brands are street names of the places I've lived over the years, locations that are a part of my life's journey.  Tuttle View is where my husband and I lived in the Columbus area when we had our first child.  Our first child created a new perspective on life, and now my wish is that Tuttle View creates a new perspective on shopping. 


team banner february.png


As they saying goes, 'with a little help from my friends', this is the Tuttle View family.  Together we have created what we believe will provide a new and engaging way to shop.

Tuttle View is your eSocial™ shopping experience. Connect a few friends and let's shop!